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Das sind die Regeländerungen der NRHA für 2015

Die NRHA hat heute die Anerkennung folgender Regeländerungen für das Jahr 2015 bekannt gegeben.

APPROVED – Rule Changes
• 74-02-15:

  • Part 1. Change the AA and A events to 90 days for event approval
  • Part 2. Move rules to a chart. Change added money caps on Rookie Professional, Rookie Level 2, Novice Horse Level 1 and Novice Horse Level 2
  • Part 5. Can hold two go-rounds in an ancillary show
  • Part 6. Eliminate the restriction that show management must hold both the Level 4 Open and Level 4 Non Pro classes at an Aged Show
  • Part 9 and 10. Combine Ride & Slide Level 1 and 2 show conditions
  • Part 12. Remove mandatory awards through tenth for Youth classes

• 59-01-15: Approve Professionals Membership category
• 60-01-15: A Non Pro is defined as a person who, at the time of application, has not won in excess of $200,000
• 62-01-15: Change the definition of immediate family member
• 62-03-15: Further define after-market logoed apparel
• 66-02-15: Change fine and forfeiture process for Youth showing in the Rookie 1 and Rookie 2 classes
• 74-01-15: Add Top Ten Event description that requires event approval forms to be submitted 90 days prior to the entry closing of the event and a three horse minimum in a class for it to count toward a world title
• 80-01-15: Add Prime Time Non Pro added money requirements
• 86-01-15: Change the name of Adaptive Reining to Para-Reining
• 91-01-15: Define what is considered complete relating to show results
• 105-01-15: Remove restrictions for hiring stewards, remove redundant rules and limit Stewards from stewarding the same show for more than two years
RELATED ACTION – Proposal 54-10-15
• Amend the Animal Welfare & Medications Policy (Pol. 11-07-27) to continue the research phase through 2015 and create a task force to review NRHA medications rules and policies.
APPROVED - Clarifications
• 43-01-15: Procedural change for contacting the accused during a investigation
• 73-01-15: Rule clarification allowing horses to be shown in Green Reiner I and Green Reiner II without restriction of ownership
• 74-02-15: Eliminate redundancies and increase ease of understanding in Show Conditions
• 93-01-15: Clarification outlining ownership for Year End Awards, the owner is the owner on record at the end NRHA competition year
• 149-01-15: Create consistency between the Handbook and Judges guide on the maneuver description for the trot in