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The NRHA Breeders Award is an annual trophy awarded to the top money-earning breeder of the NRHA Breeders Derby and Futurity. The beautiful trophy showing a mare with her foal, is earned by the breeder whose horses earned the highest sum of money in both events. This need not necessarily be the breeder of the Champion. The Award goes back to an idea of Dr. Claudia and Andreas Mamerow and Jutta and Dr. Rolf Weckmueller who sponsored the trophy during the first five years.


Breeders Award Winners:
2002    Michael Blaschke         AUT
2003    Lia Ferrarini                ITA
2004    Lucio Ferrarini            ITA
2005     Claudio Risso            ITA
2006     Claudio Risso            ITA
2007     Claudio Risso            ITA
2008     Claudio Risso            ITA
2009     Claudio Risso            ITA
 2010    Katharina Freytag     USA
2011    Arthur Baeck             BEL
2012    Arthur Baeck             BEL
2013    Teresa Wynn             USA