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Why fear and uncertainty of EFRHA?

Why fear and uncertainty of EFRHA?

Being head of the active committee and co-founder of EFRHA, I curtly want to point out a few facts on this matter prior to our informative meeting.
Next Saturday, 12 Nov.2016 we will introduce, discuss and explain the project EFRHA and I imploringly hope that many will set off to join this important and trend-setting meeting.

Up to now nothing has been decided over the member’s heads. No specified irrevocable signatures were given – SSP has not been offset, thus there is no reason to panic prior to our informative meeting and to spread wild arguments or diatribes. This is damaging our image especially in the external representation.

The uncertainty and fear and also the flood of discussions in the internet neither was foreseeable nor intended. It has never been the intention of all involved, who have endeavored for EFRHA, to pass over the breeders and members. On the contrary, we wanted to be on the boat of EFRHA from the early beginning of the initial discussions, since only then you have the possibility to navigate together and this firstly secures an equal say. Since with our votes we can co-decide for the good of all breeders.

Thus, NRHA Germany is member of EFRHA. No more, no less. There are only advantages for all NRHA Germany breeders. In the run-up we could not publish any details, since these have not yet been developed and definite. It’s not fair to assume that is was a planned purpose simply to present this program and that we have chosen special dates which many maybe could not keep, because all persons involved in this project “only” and really “only”  have been thinking about an innovative development of the reining sports for the good of all. I wish having a constructive discussion on 12 Nov. 2016.

For those, who can not attend on this date, there will be a second meeting on 17 December 2016 if required.