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18.06.2016 - EFRHA - European Federation of Reining Horse Associations

The European Reining Associations are in the process of creating an umbrella organization - European Federation of Reining Horse Associations (EFRHA)-  for all NRHA European Reining Affiliates.
The implementation of the new European Federation is in close cooperation with NHRA and embedded in the restructuring of NRHA.
The goals of EFRHA are to:
- Provide a platform for the European Reining Affiliates to cooperate for the   future growth of Reining in Europe
- Creation of a common European Reining Horse Breeding Program
-  Funding the main European Futurities and Derbies
- Introduce an European Reining Maturity Circuit
- Introduce an European Reining Horse Sale
The European Federation of Reining Horse Association (EFRHA) will be registered in Switzerland as NonProfit organization. Representatives of the European Reining Affiliates will meet in the near future to finalize the formation of EFRHA.
More details and further information are coming soon.