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Lukas Brucek wins the Bronze Trophy Open

After a spectacular Bronze Trophy Non Pro, it was the Open riders turn. In total 11 participants entered the arena for the class in class Easter Trophy Open USA and Bronze Trophy Open.

Easter Trophy Open USA:

Lukas Brucek rode the 15 years old stallion HA Stardust to the champion title. They showed a 216,5 and had really fast spins and circles. On the second place, only a half point behind was Sylvia Rzepka and Tari Spook Olena. Sylvia Rzepka impressed through fantastic spins and good stops.

With a 214, Rudi Kronsteiner rode Undercover Spook to the third place. The stallion presented good maneuvers with a really nice attitude.

Bronze Trophy Open:

We didn`t have a third and fifth place in the Bronze Trophy Open but there was a tie on the second rank: Sylvia Rzepka with Tari Spook Olena and Daniel Klein with Brand New Trash. Both riders gained a score of 216 from the judges.

Daniel Klein presented the 4 years old stallion with loose rains and made some well built up rundowns with good stops and rollbacks.

But with a 216,5, Lukas Brucek and HA Stardust also won this class with their really nice run.

Lukas Brucek (Lukas Brucek)

Lukas Brucek (Lukas Brucek)

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