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The Bronze Trophies Non Pro went to Gina Schumacher und Emmalee Penha

At around 8 o´clock in the evening, the class in class Bronze Trophy Non Pro and Easter Trophy USA started.

Successful Gina Schumacher in the Easter Trophy Non Pro USA

Gina Schumacher opened the class with RS Fondadores Olena and made a really good job: score of 216. The only rider who managed to outplay that score was Gina Schumacher herself with Gotta Nifty Gun.

The 13 years old stallion RS Fondadores Olena captivated with a lot of charisma in combination with very good circles and fast spins. But with the 6 years old Gotta Nifty Gun, Gina Schumachers impressed the judges even more and got a 218,5.

Gina Schumacher (Gina Schumacher)

Gina Schumacher (Gina Schumacher)

Very nice circles with good speed control and very fast spins brought LMD Millhouse Jac and Markus Dünser to the third place. Despite a little mistake, they got a score of 213,5.


Emmalee Penha wins Bronze Trophy Non Pro

Approved Emmalee Penha and Modern Gunner won the Bronze Trophy Non Pro with a score of 215,5. The gelding offered really fast spins, good stops and circles with a perfect figure eight.

Emmalee Penha (Emmalee Penha)

Emmalee Penha (Emmalee Penha)

In the national division, the second place went to Markus Dünser and LMD Millhouse Jac (213,5).

Cindy Doll rode her Boom Boom Blondy BB to a 212,5, what means the third place for her.

The whole Bronze Trophy Non Pro was full of high class Reiningsport and entertained the audience in the best way.

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