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Das sind die Französischen Reining Champions

Die French National Reining Championship bzw. French NRHA Championship fand vom 25. bis 28.9. in Petit Far West in Le Pin statt. Über 140 Pferde starteten in 29 Klassen, darunter 12 Championships. Insgesamt kamen über 600 Starts zusammen. Größte Klassen waren die Rookie 2 und die Int. Non Pro mit jeweils 56 Startern.



AFFICHES FINALES ad5b6French National Championship Rookie Professional
1st Nicola Podetti and Juice of Dunit, owner Daniel Poulayon, score 141
2ndFélix Lejour and Smokin Boom, owner François Lejour, score 140
3rd Félix Lejour and Spankys Little Gun, owner Félix Lejour, score 138,5

French National Championship Limited Open after run of
1st Cédric Guerreiro and Smart Furys Remedy, score 143 (145)
2nd Laura Duponchel and Jac Barbee Dream, owner Guy Duponchel, score 143 (144,5)
3rd Anne-Sophie Guerreiro and Chicken Sandwich, owner Eric Defouilhoux, score 142

French National Championship Green Reiner
1st Isabelle Poulayon, One Lil Step Ahead, prop. Daniel Poulayon, score 137
2nd Christian Boucher et Juicy Nic, score 135,5
3 ties at the 3rd place with a score of 135 : Maxime Bénichon and Double R Wimpy, Sonia Vie and Jumpy Jac, Chrystal Tourret and Slowly Silver Jac

French National Championship Snaffle Bit Open 4&under
1st Jérémy Vandenabeele and Rocky Lena Dream, owner Sophie Pillet, score 143,5
2ndColine Devault and Top Guna Del Cielo, owner David Roux, score 141
3rd Clémence Neveux and Sheza Gun Del Cielo, owner Charlotte Reynaud, score 138,5

French National Championship Rookie 1 (after run of)
1st Mylène Bourdon and Iron Easter King, score 140,5 (142)
2nd Yannick Pesek and Haidas Quixote Whiz, score 140,5 (133,5)
3rd Alexandre Veron and Vasy Donc Tartigny, score 139,5

French National Championship Limited Non Pro
1st Alexandre Veron and Vasy Donc Tartigny, score 144
A tie at the 2nd place with a score of 141,5
Christophe Llinas et Oscar The Great
Eric Tambon et PC Ringhiolino

French National Championship Rookie Level 2
A tie at the 1st place with a score of 141,5
Alexandre Veron and Vas Y Donc Tartini
Manon Sergent et Baby Jaba
3rd Mylene Bourdon et Iron Easter King, score 139,5

French National Championship Youth -13 ans
1st Margaux Legrand et Secret Cash In Jo, owner Annick Legrand, 140,5
2nd Axel Pesek et Cheximatic, owner Yannick Pesek, score 137,5
3rd Marie Baralon and GS Colonel Smartlena, score 136,5

French National Championship Youth 14-18 ans
1st Estelle Solé and RS Vobindas Queen, owner Florence Donnezan, score 135,5
2nd Paola Benoit-Cattin et Peppy Ruf, score 132,5

French National Championship Snaffle Bit Non Pro 5&under
1st Audrey Bresse and BHB Chic Enterprise, score 139,5
2nd Marc Fumex and Hot Gold Bar, score 138
3rd Hervé Boadas and Umperial, score 136

French National Championship Non Pro
1stAlain Giraud and Gay Sugar Gun, owner Frédérique Vanni, score 144,5
2nd Edith Zenouda and Blues At The Bar, score 143,5
A tie at the 3rd place with a score of 141,5 : Eric Tambon on PC Ringhiolino et Christophe Llinas on Oscar The Great

French National Championship Open
1st Romuald Poard and Peppys Ruf Sailor, owner Valérie Arnaud Coste and Vincent Closquinet, score 143,5
Tie at the 2nd place with a score of 143
Cédric Guerreiro and Smart Furys Remedy
Laura Duponchel and Jac Barbee Dream, owner Guy Duponchel

Top score of the show : Cédric Guerreiro and Smart Furys Remedy in the French Championship Limited Open class, score 145.

Full results here.

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